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Why I LOVE Neutrals

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

There are now so many hues of the classic neutral whites, greys, browns, beiges and blacks. They are certainly here to stay and are a timeless option for your home design.

Long gone are the days of just painting walls standard white, there are whites with hints of grey, green, yellow, red – you name it! This means that not only are whites perfect to pair with colours of the same hues, but also with other whites. A clean, fresh, bright, light colour - white paint can totally transform a room. It really is the perfect canvas to any space on which to build different textures.

If a room has lots of wonderful natural daylight, try and use a brighter white and if is a darker space then use a warmer neutral tone. Wood and natural fibres look fantastic when paired with neutrals and help break up a blank canvas. Why not try a wooden stool or some baskets in your white bathroom and see the warmth it brings to the space.

I remember when I was younger, black was quite an offensive colour to paint a wall. One of my friends painted her room black and her parents were absolutely horrified! These days shades of black are becoming increasingly popular, with one of my personal favourites ‘Railings’ by Farrow & Ball. I believe they offer a wonderful contrast to white paints and a stylish and cosy feel to a space. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you to go and paint your whole kitchen black, but accents on some cupboards for example works well. My favourite room for this colour though has to be a lounge! And if you aren’t brave enough to take the plunge, why not try painting just the bottom half of the walls a darker shade and the top half and ceiling a white to keep things lighter.

Some people say that neutral colours are ‘boring’, but I strongly disagree. To me they are a backdrop and blank slate to build on. As a colour without much saturation, they bring sophistication and a modern style to rooms and create the most relaxing background you could wish for. I find that lighter neutrals always make a space feel more welcoming and create a soothing atmosphere that I will continue to favour in my design work.

If you are also a lover of neutral tones, but are struggling to create a cohesive scheme for a space then please get in touch to hear how I can help on

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