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About me


I’m Felicity and I’m delighted to welcome you to my world of interior design! I believe that design should be a fun and collaborative process, and I’m here to make that happen for you. As well as being an interior designer, I’m also a mum to my one-year-old Poppy and a ‘dog mum’ to Olive, my playful Springer Spaniel! I’m a bit of a renovation addict, currently teaming up with my DIY genius fiancé, Mark, to transform our second home. There’s something oddly satisfying about breathing new life into older houses - the creative chaos, the challenges, and the joy of seeing a space transform.


My Style
My design aesthetic is all about the timeless simplicity of neutral tones and the warmth of natural materials. I think that neutral hues create the perfect backdrop to any space, and I love pairing them harmoniously with the perfect blend of wood, stone and textiles. With a bustling household of my own, I understand firsthand how homes need to be functional for families and adaptable to life’s beautiful chaos. I love the challenge of understanding your style and preferences and then translating them into a beautifully designed space. For me, practicality is a top priority, especially when you have young children and a four-legged friend running around. I know the importance of storage solutions that can conquer the never-ending mountain of toys and keep your home looking organised.

Let’s Create Together
Ready to tackle your design dilemmas? Whether you’re wondering what to do with the blank wall above the sofa or trying to decide which shade of green would work best in the bedroom, I’m here to provide expert guidance and solutions. Let’s create a space that’s a true reflection of you, your family, and your beloved pets, while ensuring it’s practical and well-organised too. Whether it’s refreshing a room or giving a whole house a makeover, I’m here to help you make your space truly yours.

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